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 Top 10 home insurance company in India

Every man invests and spends a major part of his earnings for the construction of his house. But many times he does not think much about keeping the house safe to avoid natural or man-made risks. It is often seen that due to natural accidents like earthquake, flood, cyclone or man-made hazards like theft, robbery etc., there is huge damage to the house, property and household goods.

In 2021, the destruction caused by the Yash cyclone in Odisha and the massive fire in Kullu Manali in Himachal Pradesh alerts us to such incidents. It is not possible to say when and with whom such incidents happen. In such a situation, a home insurance policy is a very important and beneficial arrangement to deal with these problems and to compensate for the loss. A home insurance policy or home insurance is taken to protect your home and its belongings or to get coverage in case it gets damaged, so that the damages arising out of these circumstances can be avoided to a great extent. So let’s know about the Top 10 home insurance company in India

  1. Bharti AXA home insurance

Bharti AXA offers a smart plan package policy to the householder under its home insurance policy, with the help of which the homeowner can detail the house renovation, personal accident, fixtures, movement of goods, legal liabilities, alternatively. One can take advantage of the plan with many features like finding house rent.

  1. Future Generali home insurance

This insurance company of India is one of the 50 best insurance companies in the world which is taken out by Future Generali Company. This company takes full care of the design of your home, the furnishings in it, and the safety of your family. This company includes plans like affordable premium, pan India support network, and in-house claim.

  1. IFFCO Tokio home insurance

Under its first plan All in One Home Product Policy, the policy taker gets the benefits of three subdivisions. Under its second plan Graha Suvidha Policy, there is the protection of loss of a house by natural or human beings. Home Family Protector Policy i.e. under the third plan, the company also gives protection to your family along with your home in case of emergency.

  1. Bajaj Allianz home insurance

Bajaj Home Reliance Insurance, provided by Bajaj Company, offers a variety of plans and facilities to protect and meet your home needs, including a long period against natural calamity or any damage to your home like theft, riots. In the home insurance, coverage is available. There is also a facility-like premium and renewal premium in this insurance plan.

  1. Reliance general home insurance

Reliance general home insurance provided by the Reliance company will be very economical for the people in the coming times because it will give two types of home insurance plans according to the needs of the people. Under its plan, the facility of the house structure and the facilities of the goods present in the house are also there.

  1. Shriram general home insurance

Under the housing insurance plan of this company, you get complete protection and coverage of your house and its belongings. Along with this, there will also be protection for places like your outhouse, garden, guest house, or sed.

  1. Universal some home insurance

Universal some is an insurance plan by the company called Sampoorna Home Suraksha under which the insured or homeowner gets an extension form of coverage from the package policy. This policy provides all-inclusive protection for your home so that you do not need to buy add-on covers or increase your coverage.

  1. Royal Sundaram home insurance

This company also offers plans for coverage to homeowners in the form of a package policy. The plan of this company is divided into two categories in which it provides insurance of Rs 5 crore for your home and Rs 1.5 crore coverage for household items without any prior inspection. The insured can avail of any or both of these schemes.

  1. ICICI Lombard home insurance

Once insured by this company, it gives plans for any mishap in the house as well as any damage to their belongings. Under these plans, the company delivers your policy at your doorstep, and also you can get comprehensive coverage and plan information 24 hours a day at its call center.

  1. Cholamandalam home insurance

This company offers two types of insurance plans for flats and houses. Chola insurance Total Home Products is the first plan under which it provides security of home structure, its contents, and family. Its second plan i.e. Chola MS Long Term Awas Yojana is mainly offered for flats, apartments, or residential purposes. The policies of this company have affordable premiums and flexibility.

Best Home Insurance With Premium Details :

HDFC ERGO is one of a kind home insurance company, which provides you with a hassle-free process and confidence in terms of home security. If you choose HDFC ERGO for home insurance, then the following are the benefits of it –

  1. HDFC ERGO Home Insurance provides a provision to increase the sum insured by 10% every year.

  2. HDFC ERGO Home Insurance offers long-term coverage of 5 years for the homeowner.

  3. The homeowner gets all kinds of tax-related exemptions on the premium provided by this home insurance as a home insurance tax benefit.

  4. By getting HDFC ERGO Home Insurance, you get great coverage for property insurance as well as home furnishings.

  5. This insurance company will compensate for the damage caused to the house in case of any kind of accident.

  6. If the house is damaged in any way during the accident then the cost of repairing the property will be received by HDFC ERGO Home Insurance Company.

  7. You can also get home insurance through an online medium by visiting the HDFC ERGO website. This insurance is easily done through an online medium.  In this medium, you get a good discount.

  8. You have to do less paperwork when you go to the HDFC ERGO website and take home insurance. It also saves you from various types of hassles.

  9. You get insurance with a low premium in the online medium. You can also pay your premium digitally here in a very short time.

Types Of Home Insurance

We will tell you about two such home insurance policies here which will prove beneficial for you:

  1. Standard Fire and Special Perils insurance :

This insurance policy covers damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft damage, collision damage, another natural calamity like a landslide, damage caused by human activities like riots or strikes, missile test operations, bursting or blowing of equipment or pipes, automatic sprinkler  Covers all damages caused by installation leakage or bush fire. To avoid financial losses due to these, it is advisable to invest in Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy which is a very beneficial and protective measure. Standard Fire and Special Perils insurance is a standard home insurance policy. Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance covers buildings, plants, furniture, fittings, goods kept in trust, machinery items removed from the premises for repairs or all movable and immovable property kept in particular premises, and stocks kept with the customer’s suppliers. Here, Goods can also be insured.

  1. Home Structure/Building Insurance :

It is being seen in our country that natural phenomena are increasing rapidly for some years, for which many plans are also being made to stop them. But due to this, there is also a loss of about lakhs and crores of rupees. In such a situation, Home Structure / Building Insurance is a good suggestion for the home and your financial security.

Experts say that Home Structure/Building Insurance covers both building structure and valuables. In such a situation, the company will reimburse the cost of loss, damage, or destruction of the building of the house and its contents due to dire circumstances. Along with this, Home Structure / Building Insurance also covers all the expenses related to valuables like home appliances, cell phones, laptops, and TV. If there is theft and burglary in the house, then there is less financial loss. In today’s time, it is very important to do financial planning, so that along with financial security, the houses are also protected. Home Structure/Building Insurance covers the property and its contents for a period of 10 years.


Along with buying a home, it is also very important to take care of its safety. It is very important to take home insurance to protect or keep it safe from damage caused due to any kind of incidents like theft, dacoity, natural calamity, etc. With the help of home insurance, the cover is provided for the damage caused to the house. In this article, we have given you complete information about the Top 10 Home Insurance companies in India. Along with this, complete information about the best home insurance company in India is also given here. By telling about the types of home insurance here, we have cleared all your confusion related to home insurance. Now you can easily make a home insurance plan to protect your home. How did you like this information, do let us know by commenting, and enjoy Home Insurance!

Updated: May 4, 2022 — 4:53 am

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