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 Every year India spends crores rupees on tourism. India has unlimited places to visit and spend your time with family. Grand mountains, crystal clear waterfall, beaches, and bustling cities, and different monuments are present in India. Travellers make a variety of trips with family, friends, and solo go on vacation in India. India is known for its beautiful places where you can perform adventure activities. So if you are planning to visit India then we try to cover the top 10 places which help you to identify the places and help you to get an idea about visiting places. We describe the please and also their beautiful landmark and showcase the culture of best tourist place in India.

What are the top 10 places to visit in India? 


the top 10 places to visit in India

As all know Agra is home of the monument and that’s make its one of the visited place in India. Taj Mahal is a beautiful building which is made from white marble and that building shines in the sunlight. White marble is also done in various buildings Agra Fort, Akbar’s Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri.


top 10 places to visit  in India top 10 places to visit  in India

 There are 51 beaches along with a beautiful coastline. White sandy beaches, palm trees, and cuisine of the coastal line all these features make it wonderful places to visit in India. Winter is the best time to visits Goa because apart from the beaches if don’t spend right of Goa you miss something.


top 10 places to visit  in India

 In the year 1577 Amritsar was considered the spiritual capital of Sikhism. It’s the holistic Gurudwara that tests the faith of the Sikh generation. It’s satiated in the middle of the town. Its also known as Harminder Sahib Gurudwara. Akal Takht and Mata temple are also two other places to visits in Punjab. If you talk about the cuisine of Amritsar lassi and chicken tikka are wonderful dishes you should try in the Amritsar. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 It’s the capital of Himachal Pradesh and the most famous hill station in India. as you know breathtaking views are also available in Shimla. That places truly attract the tourist. If you want to know the legacy of Shimla you can visit their church and castle which was made by kings. Snowy Mountain has also become a trust attraction because they are an eye-catching view which makes it more beautiful. So try to view Snowy Mountain and don’t miss the chance to visit that place. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 Udhagamandalam is also known as the best tourist place in India. it also called Ooty. That hill station is present in Tamilnadu. There is a pleasant climate which attracts visitors. A peaceful atmosphere makes it a great tourist place on summer days. The lush garden and plantation of Ooty make it a more growing and beautiful place which you can visit without making much effort. Tae plantation is also famous in Ooty due to slightly mountain. You should be spending a week and two weeks here to see the beauty of Ooty. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 This is one of the gorgeous locations in the world according to the geographic channel. It’s located on the Malabar coast and the backwater of Kerala shows the beauty of nature. There are many massage centres where you can go and take ayurvedic massage you should not miss the lovely Kerala cuisine that name is chicken curry and puttu. Puttu is famous because of its tastes which reflect the perfection of Kerala. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 The capital city of Rajasthan is also known as the pink city of Jaipur. Its education and tourist destination in Rajasthan. This shows the rich history and also shows the beauty of Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is also famous in that city. Palaces which made by kings that’s looks amazing people visited from foreign to see the beauty of the palaces. Amber fort is one place where you can see the light show that’s also narrated by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 It is the capital of Leh and the eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir. Freezing wind and pristine lakes are famous places to visit. Glaciers and dunes are also famous because of that beauty you can’t see from TV that’s only can feel what nature create for us to fully relax to the eyes. Many cafés are also available there and nowadays mobile signals are no problem at all. There is a lot of facilities which make it a more beautiful place for visitors. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 From the year 1399 to 1947 Mysore was located in Karnataka. This place is also known as the garden city, the city of yoga, and also known as Amba Vilas Palace. Rich architecture and past of that city is center of attraction for tourist. Monuments are also present in the city. 


top 10 places to visit  in India

 Beautiful sunrise and mesmerizing highest and Peak Mountain in the world. Mount Kanchenjunga is the place that makes Darjeeling the best place for visitors. Sunset also views that people thoroughly enjoyed because it’s so beautiful to watch. If you see the sky at night the sky is full of stars in the lower area that not possible to watch as many stars in the sky. 

One tourist place in India 

If you want to see heaven on the earth that’s Kashmir, the beauty of Kashmir is imprinted in the world. That place you should visit because when you visited there people become so emotional about that place that heaven on earth. Plan your vacation with your family, friends and for a solo trip. Gushy rivers in Kashmir make you mesmerizing waterfall also present in Kashmir that makes it a unique and beautiful place in India. Vibrant valley and green lush forest also present that beauty can’t be described in words. So if you are planning for a trip changes that into a tour because your visit becomes more beautiful than you ever think. In Dal Lake, there is a shikara ride also available that makes your tour more beautiful and enjoyable. The beauty of Kashmir can’t be described in words when you go there then you see beauty with your eyes and also feel that beauty from your heart. 


Best place to visit in India now 

Manali is that place that will not affect your pocket. Gushy Beas River present in the Manali this river water is crystal clear you amaze to watch that river and sound of their water also attract visitors. As you know when water flows it creates a sweet sound which helps to deep into the place. Majestic Mountain is also the center of attraction for Manali. Mountain when we see that with our eyes that so relaxing for eyes and weather of that area also attract visitors. The heart of the visitors is wooed by Manali because there are not one or two but several mountains which makes it a more attractive place. 

Top 5 tourist attractions in India


Top 5 tourist attractions in India

As you know hustle and bustle of the city make your mood so boring when you filled bore about that environment then you try to make a plan for a trip to Coorg which makes you near to nature. Mountain of Karnataka is famous because they are truly lush green and you can enjoy the trip to watch that mountain. It’s a coffee-producing hill station area and you can say India first place where coffee is produced and dried. Abbey falls, nalkand palaces these two areas is center of attraction of that area. 


Top 5 tourist attractions in India

Its unconventional place is famous for its tourism plans. You should be plan a trip to that place. It’s a lesser-defined and offbeat area in your next travel program. That place is discovered by Hipsters because he becomes bored visiting Goa, again and again, he wants to relax on the beach but not in Goa. This place is a pilgrimage town which is famous for its town where you can shopping and go here and there without any worry. You’re all tension gone when you watch that beautiful place.

Top 5 tourist attractions in India

It is one of the famous places in India. The vibrant vibes of that place attract you. Best festival of India called ran Utsav which start in December and proceed till the end of February. If you come with your family you enjoy that Utsav your experience becomes brilliant when you visit that place. 


Top 5 tourist attractions in India

It is one of the best places to visit. It’s an off-beat location. Untouched beauty and raw places attract more tourists to that place. As you visit regularly to mountain or beach if you want to change in which you want the different area to visit which is peaceful and green lush. It’s also home to reserve wildlife that has one-horned rhinos. According to local claims, there is the oldest temple in India that place. Akmkhya temple is very famous who visit for religious purposes. 

Trithan valley

Top 5 tourist attractions in India

All thrilling and fun experiences offer by that place. Adventure activities are also done in this place. The great Himalayan national park lies in 3 kilometres. The river crossing is also hardly which add adventure to your trip. This type of visit helps you to how climbing in the hill areas. If you want to enjoy the adventure sport then you need to go and add a new place to your visiting list.

Updated: October 8, 2021 — 12:07 pm

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